List of images to produce

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Teaching series images (“Who do you think you are?” series example)

Hi-res JPG background from

Teaching series square with transparent border for website

Low-res cropped background for website

Bible study booklet cover

Transparent PNG of teaching series title

Event images (Food for Thought example)

Hi-res original image from Google image search

Flyer image for 4x6 inch photoprints

Transparent PNG of event title

4:3 PPT slide for church

Event square with transparent border for website

Adding a new sermon series

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To add a new sermon series:

  • Login to wordpress for the MPC site.
  • Go to Sermons > Sermon Series on the left hand side menu.1
  • Type in the series name
    • Use the format “series name | year”
    • e.g. “A New Hope | 2017”
    • Don’t include quotation marks of course
  • Type in the slug name
    • The slug name is the URL name of the sermon page
    • Use the format  “year-seriesX-seriesTitle”, where the sermon title is lowercaps, no spaces
    • e.g. “2017-series1-anewhope
    • Because the series are alphabetically ordered by the slug titles, using this naming convention will keep the series in order on the teaching page, and it will display the most recent series at the top2
  • Click “Add new sermon series”
    • You’ll see the sermon series on the right now, but it won’t have a cover image.
  • Hit the “+” symbol below the series box (it will be a grey image with a “?” before you have uploaded a new image) and either upload a new image or browse the media library for an existing image.
    • Ideally, the image should be square, over 300 x 300 pixels, with a 50% transparent border slightly offset from the edge; but the plugin will resize it to 300x300px anyway.3
  • Once you find the image you wish to use, click “show” on the right and scroll down until you see “associate with X”, where X is your sermon series


If no image is associated with the sermon series, sermons associated with that sermon series will not appear on the teaching page.

Adding a new sermon

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In these tutorials, I explain how to add a new sermon to the WordPress site. This requires someone (usually Bob) to have added the transcript, MP3, and e-reader files into the html page (