Term 1 Trial: Mixed Growth Groups

In Term 1, MPC Youth is trialing mixed gender/grade growth groups. Here’s a few reasons why–the environment, the challenge, and the benefit. The Environment 1. Age group representationLast year I found that some age groups are represented strongly at youth, but others struggled for numbers. This meant that some of our youth were forming positive […]

Child Info Updater

It’s time to update your child’s details for youth. Mitchelton Presbyterian Church is required, in accordance with our Child Protection Policy, to update the enrollment details each calendar year of all youth attending programs that will be unaccompanied by an adult. This is to provide a safe environment for your child and other children attending the programs. The information […]

Welcome to Youth!

Journeying through high school is no easy feat. It’s often a moment of personal growth, filled with all sorts of challenges. At MPC Youth, we want our youth to go the distance! To know God through Jesus Christ and to enjoy living for him throughout high school and beyond. With this in mind, it’s our […]

School’s Out–is out!

School’s Out is all done and dusted for this year. Across each day, there were roughly 30-40 youth who heard from God’s word, had fun, and served the church/community. A big thank you to Aaron Parkinson for coordinating School’s Out this year. Aaron has played a pivotal role in creating a space for our youth […]


The formal duty of care at MPC Youth exists from 3:30pm to 4:45pm on Sundays. As a result, we strongly advise that youth who are attending the 5pm service should not leave the church site between 4:45pm and 5pm to get McDonald’s. As a leadership team, we will not be encouraging any of the youth […]

Check In/Out

At MPC Youth we desire to provide a child-safe ministry. When arriving and leaving youth, please check in and out with the designated leader at every program. This is a necessary child-safe requirement to ensure that we provide a safe environment for our teens. If you have any questions or queries, please contact Sam.

Parent Care

Parenting can be hard work! At MPC Youth, we don’t want our parents to journey alone. If you’re in need of a conversation or prayer, please reach out to Libby Hanson. Libby has had lots of challenges and joys as a parent, she knows that parenting is a tough gig! As a result, she is offering […]