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1. We’re Reformed
In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his famous protest letter to the door of Wittenburg Church, so launching the Protestant Reformation. Like him, and the Reformers who followed, we are convinced that we are saved by grace alone, we respond by faith alone, our leader and mediator is Christ alone, we are guided by Scripture alone and the glory goes to God alone.

2. We Teach the Bible
Because of the ‘Scripture alone’ thing and because Jesus says “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes from the mouth of God,” we structure our church meetings around hearing from the Bible. We’re on about clear, Christ-centred Bible teaching.

3. We Love Community
God has always been in the business of gathering a people of his own. A key distinctive of church is the way we’ll love one another in very practical ways, without forming comfortable cliques or in-groups. We’ll always be ready to say “welcome.”

4. We’re Serving together
Because of God’s generosity to us, we want to be generous to others, and so serving in all kinds of situations. As a church, we love focusing our resources to make a real difference to real needs, with strategic service projects played out around our neighbourhoods, our city and our world. Why not join in – generously?

5. We’re on a mission from God
We’re so pleased to be saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus that we want other people to turn from their own small gods, trust Jesus, and grow as his followers with us. Our mission is not to be corny, or offensive, or ungracious, or arrogant – but to make the message of Jesus attractive by our gracious words and actions. Each of us will be equipped to clearly explain our hope. We’ll also be open and welcoming as a church community, so anyone can join us, any time, and hear and understand the good news. We’re partners in the gospel; growing followers of Jesus who want to grow more followers of Jesus.

6. We know our place (and time)
Once, Christianity was a respected part of Australian culture. Christian values were assumed to be right, Christian leaders were revered in the community, and people were pretty much in the church habit. But we realise Australia is no longer like that, so we’re ready to start from the ground up, and show graciously and tell clearly why it’s still worth trusting and following Jesus – without assuming everyone will think we’re right. In other words, we realise we’re living in a post-Christian world – so we’ll do our best not to be corny, offensive, ungracious, or arrogant..

7. We’re Expecting Change
We love change. Especially when it’s change that God is making in our lives by His Spirit. We expect to gradually grow more gracious, more generous, more genuinely good… in short, we expect to be always growing as followers of Jesus. We also expect change in all kinds of other ways too, and welcome it – because we don’t want church to become like a museum piece. We’re always keen to try new stuff.

8. We believe everywhere is sacred
Because the Bible says ‘the earth and everything in it belongs to the Lord,” and because Jesus took on flesh and became very much part of our world, and because God ‘so loved the world’… we think it’s a mistake to draw a dividing line between ‘church’ and ‘life’, or ‘Sunday’ and ‘the rest of the week’, or ‘being Christian’ and ‘being an office worker.’ Our worship isn’t reserved for Sunday services… God is worth serving full time, all the time. So for us, everywhere is sacred.

9. We Look Forward
We look forward to God’s promised restoration of all creation (otherwise known as Heaven) because we know we’re not there yet. We expect we’ll need to grit our teeth and persevere as we walk through life together. But we’re looking forward with confident hope.