Making the most of the school holidays takes a lot of work. Whether it’s two weeks, three, or even six–it requires some planning!

For parents, this is a time of decisions. How will your family spend the break? How should your teen spend each day? Should they be relaxing, playing sport, having fun with friends, working, gaming, or studying for the upcoming term? Or all of the above!? There’s a wave of decisions to make! But a question we often forget to consider is ‘How can I help my teen grow as a follower of Jesus this holidays?’

There’s a lot of potential answers to this question. Like committing to a Sunday church service (even if you’re on vacation!), or doing some late-night devotionals together, or taking your teen out for lunch to see how their faith is going. Another opportunity I’d like you to consider is a youth camp.

Youth camps which teach the Bible, train youth in gospel service, and foster a healthy gospel-community are a must. Often the biggest growth moments are when our teens spend a week away to ponder their life and faith in Jesus. It’s a great opportunity for them to get away from the regular routine and encounter God’s goodness through the preaching & teaching of the gospel. It’s also an opportune time for them to deepen current friendships and make new ones!

On the MPC Youth webpage, you’ll find a section called ‘Holiday Programs’. This is an advertisement spot for youth camps which our church is connected with and or believes is a worthwhile camp for your teens to attend. Each promotional image is linked to a registration form or a home page to find out more information.

I’m praying that this upcoming holiday period, and the many to come, will be a time of growth for you and your teen. If you’ve got any questions about upcoming holiday camps, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

In Christ,
Sam Hemming
Youth Coordinator