Last weekend, 27 of our youth gathered together to hear from God’s word and hangout together over some food, fun, and (for some) a sleepover. It was great!

The weekend was packed with Bible content! We heard two sermons from Colossians 1: Talk 1 considered our spiritual location in Christ and Talk 2 considered why we shouldn’t drift from Christ. We also participated in two workshops: Workshop 1 considered how to share about our sin and suffering in small groups and Workshop 2 was training in starting gospel conversations through the ‘Two-Ways to Live’ tract.

Overall, the weekend was a great chance for our youth to consider the gospel and how that shapes life. It was also a great opportunity for everyone to get to know our new leaders and new youth members. Please pray that God would continue to work in the lives of our youth so that they might always know, enjoy, and serve our God–that their faith would surge.

A huge thank you to Sylvia and Peter Smartt for cooking up some brilliant food, our youth band for playing some great tunes, and Luke Doyle & Ben Shakespeare for running two brilliant workshops!

In Christ,
Sam Hemming
Youth Coordinator