The MPC Team

Working together to grow followers of Jesus

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Senior Pastor

Phil Campbell

Phil Campbell has been leading the team at MPC since 1999. Phil studied for ministry at Moore Theological College in Sydney after working as an Electrical Engineer in the NSW Department of Main Roads and a freelance computer journalist. Phil and his wife Louise have four adult kids and three grandchildren. With our elders, Phil oversees the direction of our church, cares for the ministry team, and leads our teaching program. Louise coordinates women’s ministries. You can contact Phil at

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LateChurch Pastor

Dan Wilton

Dan is married to Nicky and they have just joined the team this year. Growing up on a dairy farm in Bega, Dan moved to Sydney where he studied Politics and International Relations, before working as an editor for a publishing firm. Dan has recently finished his studies at Moore Theological College in Sydney and is looking forward to serving at MPC. Dan leads Latechurch, which is a relaxed Sunday evening service catered towards young adults. You can contact Dan at

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Youth Pastor

Pete Kutuzov

Peter Kutuzov is married to Mel, and is a dad of two boys. An ordained PCQ minister, Pete is our youth ministry coordinator, and he and Mel run a top class youth program. They’re keen to get to know our teens and their families. Contact Pete at

Viv and Owen


Viv and Owen

Owen and Viv staff our office Monday to Friday, and is often them you’ll hear from if you’ve volunteered to help out with something or you’re on a roster. Contact them at

Our Elders & CoM

All Presbyterian churches are governed by a group of elders, drawn from members of the congregation. Elders meet monthly in what is historically named a “Session Meeting,” and make decisions about the overall direction of our church and other ministry issues. Some of our elders are also actively involved in pastoral care roles. Our elders are currently:

  • Ben Richardson (Session Clerk)
  • Matt Lyndon
  • Gary Hanson
  • John Postlethwaite
  • Rick Fairhurst
  • Norton Russell
  • John Miles
  • Rob McCall
  • Greg Williams (Latechurch)
  • Steve Mason (Village)
  • Tim Kuswadi (Village)
    • John McClenahan (Emeritus)
    • Don Anderson (Emeritus)

Our Care Team

Our On Call Care Team is staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers who provide practical and spiritual care to members of our church family, and (where possible) beyond. The care team provides meals, practical help, transport, visitation and friendship-based crisis support. Phone any time on 04009 32 009.

The Care Team also maintains a database of willing helpers. If you’d like to be included on the list of people with skills and time to contribute to the Care Team ministry, phone the care-line, or email

Committee of Management

Our Management Committee is elected at the annual general meeting each year. Committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of our church property, our financial affairs, and the care of our ministry team. Committee operates in team structure, with seperate teams overseeing administration, property and technology. Cathy Lyndon is the Management Committee Chair.