All Presbyterian churches are governed by a group of elders, drawn from members of the congregation. Elders meet monthly in what is historically named a “Session Meeting,” and make decisions about the overall direction of our church and other ministry issues. Some of our elders are also actively involved in pastoral care roles. Our elders are currently:

  • Matt Lyndon (Session Clerk)
  • Gary Hanson (on leave)
  • Steve Begg
  • Norton Russell
  • John McClenahan (Emeritus)
  • Don Anderson (Emeritus)
  • John Miles
  • Rob Hanson
  • Peter Burns (on leave)
  • Rob McCall
  • Steve Buchanan
  • Ben Richardson
  • John Postlethwaite
  • Rick Fairhurst

Committee of Management
Our Management Committee is elected at the annual general meeting each year. Committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of our church property, our financial affairs, and the care of our ministry team. Committee operates in team structure, with seperate teams overseeing administration, property and technology. Andrew Nielsen is the Management Committee Chairman.