From left: Stuart, Deon, Owen, Derek, Phil, Louise, Jayesh, Meryl, Mitch, Erin
Phil and Louise Campbell have been leading the ministry team at mpc since 1999. Phil studied for ministry at Moore Theological College in Sydney after working as a Traffic Engineer in the NSW Department of Main Roads. He has also worked as a computer journalist with Fairfax newspapers and PC World Magazine. Lou worked as an inland-mission nurse with Bush Church Aid before completing one year at Moore College, and devoting herself to life as a full-time mum and ministry partner. Phil and Lou have four adult kids. With our elders, Phil oversees the direction of our church, cares for the ministry team, directs our teaching program and pastors our morning congregations. Louise co-ordinates Women’s Ministries. You can contact Phil on

Stuart Hoadley joined the mpc team at the beginning of 2009. Their kids are Emma, Jack and Will. Stu is our Care Pastor and acting Youth Pastor, and is passionate about growing mpc into a caring and serving community that’s following Jesus. Email him at

Derek Hanna with his wife Jacqueline joined the team at the start of 2007, when they moved to Brisbane after studying at SMBC. They have three sons, Sebastian, Elliot and Tristan. Derek is the pastor of Village Church. You can contact him on

Mitch Smart leads our Latechurch ministry. He’s married to Maddie, and have recently welcomed baby Rosie. You can reach Mitch at

Meryl Webber is our Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator.  She joined the team in 2009 having previously taught a range of Grades in country Queensland schools.  Meryl has a passion for teaching the bible to kids and seeing them encouraged to grow as followers of Jesus. Contact her on

Gary and Fiona Millar are associate members of the team. Gary is principal of Queensland Theological College, and a regular preacher at mpc.

Owen is our part time admin guru. After an amazing army career, he makes sure the office operates with military precision. Email him at

Our trainees
Also in the pic above you’ll notice Jayesh, Deon and Erin, three of our ministry trainees. They’ll gaining practical ministry experience in the team prior to possible future study. You’ll see and hear them at Morning Church, Village and Latechurch.