Growth Groups are the key to becoming part of the real life of mpc. Groups begin with “sign up time” at the start of each year, though new members are welcome at any time! Our Growth Groups are the perfect place to get to know a small group of church friends more closely and to build real, encouraging friendships. They’re the primary place where “care” can be found in a crisis.

Each week, groups discuss the bible passage which will be the focus of the following Sunday’s service; they spend time chatting, sharing supper and praying about issues affecting those in the group. But don’t be nervous – if you’re not comfortable praying, reading aloud or contributing to discussion, that’s fine. They’re called “Growth Groups” because there’s room to grow from where you are now! We have 15 night-time groups, a daytime group on Thursday, a men’s brekky group on Wednesday and a cluster of Women’s Groups which meet for WoW (Women on Wednesday).

For information on how to get involved in a Growth Group, contact Stuart Hoadley on

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