What is church? Why do I need church? What are baptism and communion for? Should pastors and elders only be men? How can I be a good church member?

Next term MPC Youth is going to be meeting in small groups to consider a theology of church. We’ll be thinking about these questions (and more!) through reading and discussing Sam Allberry’s book ‘Why bother with church?’ . This is a short, realistic but optimistic book which explains clearly and simply from the Bible what the church really is, and why it is wonderful to be a part of it.

As our youth continue to transition from the ‘Youthchurch’ model, it’s important for them to take time to consider what church is and their place in it. I long to see our youth find both belonging and purpose in the church, not merely our youth ministry. Join me in praying that God would help our youth come to know what the church is and isn’t, to see their need for it, and to grow in their delight and joy for it.

In Christ,
Sam Hemming
Youth Coordinator